Arguments Against Veganism – The Ethical Arguments Against Ethical Veganism

According to recent studies, there is a strong correlation between an increased consumption of animal products and an increased risk of diabetes. So, should you go vegan?

What are the major arguments against veganism? It’s a bit hard to find evidence that the answer is “Yes” for the majority of vegetarians in India. But we do know that many people who eat a plant-based diet are still at risk for this condition.

Is veganism the right choice for you? There are a lot of compelling arguments against it, so it’s important to understand them before making a decision. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top 4 reasons why many people believe veganism is not the right choice for them.

We’ll also provide tips on how to argue against vegans so that they’ll understand your perspective and change their minds about veganism, so if you’re looking for advice on whether or not veganism is the right choice for you.

Arguments Against Veganism

The Top Arguments Against Veganism

Arguments Against Veganism

Many people have a lot of preconceived notions about not eating animals. Some exponents of meat eat these assumptions as they express their views on the veil that is veganism in an open and upfront manner, while others vehemently defend them through clever argumentations with no proof other than their intuition or emotions. This is the main reason why it’s so important to look deeper into vegan arguments and such.

Arguments Against Veganism

This process involves reading up on research, ideas, as well as philosophical concepts that are related to our lives in a physical (or universal) way. This is why veganism is not only a diet or purely based on ethics.

We should always keep in mind that it has much deeper implications, and many people are just too busy to reflect upon this process as they’re so caught up with the every day grind of what life really looks like for them in daily living now and then (and you know how we feel about that!) .

When everyone seems intent from bringing their own moral argumentation into the world, it’s really important to keep in mind that morality is dependent upon your own beliefs and the society you live within.

This makes veganism more of an effort than a diet . It takes careful planning only motivated by reason (unlike those who think we’re this strange inclination).

Now, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite hardcore arguments against not eating animals:

1) “You don’t need a brain for what’s on your plate.” This is usually a response to any argument that I present, but it stems from the idea of rationalism which unfortunately has such a long history of being associated with rape and female oppression in the west.

Right here lies our problem:   Many people take veganism literally without ever thinking about what we’re really saying when we preach “An eye for an eye”. So many are too lazy or just not willing (or have the desire) to go through a much deeper analysis process.

We’re saying that it’s wrong not just because our bodies are soft, with no rational faculties (which led many people in societies long ago who would kill another human simply for an insult), but also based on animal rights reasons as well.

The issue is there is nothing on your plate right now which can replace or even compare to what animals have sent you down this road to be able to have a meal.

An irrefutable argument in support of veganism is that we’re exactly where they are, and as long as someone somewhere still believes what it is you’re saying then you don’t need an eye for me or your parents or many others before us – I mean if we had all been like them , wouldn’t it not only be weird but also morally  problematic?

It’s true “I’m not carnivore, so I wouldn’t eat carnivores”, but this is begging for an answer. Would you ever kill something on your plate no matter what? And don’t try to counter with anything about birth and making children or how we are “biologically” incapable; it just doesn’t fly .

2)  Dirty hands not a reason! Well, maybe in some cases (although I will get into this one later), cleaning up would be much easier if we lived in the wild and didn’t have to be stuck on these disgusting messes.

3)  It’s wrong because of “reductionism”; what I can actually live without makes cooking unnecessary, but now that you think about it there may be some things (nonfunctional items like your fancy TV , which is likely not heated anymore), definitely non-necessary (books or paper printing ), just dead energy costs alone would probably pay for most of it, and probably other “consumption” things we’ve never bothered to think about replacing in the first place. It’s all fuel on our plate that is being used up with no use!

Getting back to points 1-3: I am not suggesting that everyone get incarcerated and locked into a resource war (though you may engage in this yourself) where they are force fed animal products – but what happens when nature starts det aching your property from you to free itself?

Many people are too blissed out on their growing processed foods and so unskilled that they would just be left there.

On a completely separate note – this ‘reductionism’ only goes one way; it is the very false belief that eating meat (or other animals) requires us to reduce them into simple ingredients which we could of course turn back into in much simpler ways.

The Ethical Arguments Against Ethical Veganism

The Ethical Arguments Against Ethical Veganism

The first couple of arguments go more-so in the direction of ‘greenwashing’.

1) Ethical veganism is, “cater to those who eat meat and give up animal products.” This doesn’t just scream materialist; it also gives the feeling that you can only do this if your giving people an easy way out. I agree 100% – there are many ways we could stand better by all sides on moral issues ( Global Warming, equal rights for all races/gender; etc).

However from an economic standpoint (though many other arguments can be made as well – such as “it would save the financial system with no way of knowing”) this is a much harder sell.

In order to do this we’d have to start taxing people that eat meat almost at fault levels if not higher than needed for survival in some cases, and continue on until ‘sustainable’ meat turns the corner of price, availability and demand. Even then what would we do?

There are not many great ideas in our current capitalist system to implement it from a non-political standpoint – but I’ll go ahead and talk about that possibility down this line!

Until then, we can agree as ethical vegans that reducing harm (as much as possible) is paramount beyond material gain; though if you want to call yourself ‘animalist’ after you do it then that’s your right!

2) ‘The appearance of animal rights groups such as PETA and Vegan Outreach are intended to discredit or undermine ethical veganism’ I would love to see some research on this one, however if you’re reading the word PR makes think a lot of money.

Support companies by promoting their products – people will buy more because they know other vegans/outreaches are selling them too (unless it’s a company full of animals somehow…)

Also make sure you thank the companies that advertise for your group as well – no publicity is bad publicity! Either way; I’m not against these groups and to be honest it can’t hurt us in general, especially from fake websites.

Some claims are true (like they’re dishonest/sell out etc), but this one screams conspiracy theorist to me. Maybe if there was evidence along those lines we would have a case against them, however this is NOT the case.

They are all good people that want to do no harm, and have their own voices going forward –

It’s a shame we can’t just listen to what they’re saying about why those actions happened instead of using our heads (the latter being backed up with data) or trying working around common sense in our conversations rather than complaining if there is disagreement.

3) ‘Consuming animal products not only moral, but beneficial to humans as well’ This one should be obvious, animal products are not a good thing.

If they were who would we create leather gloves for? The issue with this line is that these types of arguments will have anyone white knighting their way to the top – it’s hypocritical and actually quite illogical!

Otherwise someone could argue eating steak makes us strong because ‘if you think about it animals killed themselves through being raised for food.

Therefore you are helping animals by eating them’, or the old ‘you create leather through an animal’s life is okay because it’s eventually going to a human that wears it’.

Basically people just tend to not listen. Its also easy for vegans and non-vegetarians alike (for some reason) forget about environmental damage from meat production which means we will have less/no rainforests.

As they cut down trees in order to clear land for animals to be slaughtered on (I’m not saying killing an animal is good or acceptable at all – but certain parts of farming deserve our consideration.

These arguments create the illusion that vegetarians will prove better for the environment than non-vegetarian diets, something I’ve known long before living with those in my community).

4) ‘Vegan eating patterns are healthy overall’ This one also looks like bad reasoning as there really is no evidence to suggest this. A lot of mixed messages come out of the vegan community (including on my blog) esp.

When it comes down to ‘Oh you’re not eating enough protein’ etc as if non-veg is killing us internally and only vegetarians are healthy due to their high fibre diets.

They don’t realise other non-vegans also exist and therefore plenty of high fibre diets are fully balanced.

People forget that you can have too much protein in the body (read here ) and suddenly these arguments come up like ‘you’re not eating enough chicken, eggs or milk’ – but somehow vegans gross out over bacon products.

Dispelling Arguments Against Veganism

Dispelling Arguments Against Veganism

1) ‘Veganism is too expensive’ – I wrote an article on this a while back here which talked about how easy it was to go vegan without being hungry or needing to cut eating out of your life.

This usually comes up when people are in financial need and have families that would suffer for that choice but the reality of rising prices does not always apply.

2) ‘If everyone became vegetarian you’d all be okay ‘ – Without mirroring something slightly bigger and maybe including the word world like I do, there’s no way of knowing if this would be true.

We also have to take into account global warming which might prove out so that our future doesn’t really add up… Do we think everything is fine because a few people are harming the planet?

3) ‘Veganism hurts animals in ways meat eating does not’ – What about rearing billions of farmed animals?

Torture of these creatures each day by the millions and lack of food, water, shelter from extremes in weather etc. (veganism is not exactly pleasant for humans either when it comes to protein but that’s just another point)

4 )’Ethical veganism does not make sense because consumption kills people externally’ – This is a ‘capital F Fallacy’. If your argument was true then all animal cruelty should be stopped, all animal deaths should be made to stop, as most of the world’s population eats meat.

All people. If you want a 1:1 relationship between cruel action and harm then consume only one thing a day (I don’t think omnivores are safe when they do this).

(If this argument were true I wouldn’t eat either fish or eggs)

So these arguments can get in the way by making they look reasonable when actually this is not true. I know you feel your argument looks good but as in most thought that someone wants to convince you of, it’s time for them to go find a new target on which their ‘weapon’ rather than our intellect can be applied.

Just because we can’t isolate any ethical principle from a choice doesn’t mean there isn’t one worth identifying and by subtracting arguments like these the possibility of understanding veganism does become easier.

Common Arguments Against Veganism

Common Arguments Against Veganism

1) ‘It is unreasonable to punish people for something nature does, rather than punishing people for their choices’ –

This makes no sense. If a human poison’s the air by her or his behavior then why wouldn’t we ban you from breathing? It seems amazing that humans are natural creatures and not alien.

2) The lack of meat just means other species will suffer too much – Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean it was wrong to do that in the first place.

Also, new species arise all of the time based on natural selective forces. An alien thought this type of argument would have been used against those who opposed Darwinian Evolution theory and fight back with,

“Well no other aliens believe they don’t evolve so either it’s wrong or these new lifeforms just happened by chance”

3) ‘Even though we can choose our own diet we are born into a species that has lived eating meat and so it proves we are animals’– What? How is being born a race of carnivores and therefore animal our choice while milk, eggs etc. were not?

But what I want to bring up here isn’t logical but ethical tastes. If we all had the same taste in food would ‘animals produce their flesh’?

4) Greenhouse gases may be related to global warming – Now this argument plays no part in the discussion but it is interesting and possibly relevant to a few vegan philosophers as I noticed most of them were also environmentalists.

5) ‘Ethics are “socially enforced” preferences – They exist on a human plane’– But what does an animal derive from ethics? Not can animals be ethical, for that question doesn’t arise since no ethic would apply to only one species (considering we aren’t inclined toward any type of ethics).

Ethics are the laws humans have set up to prohibit cruelty and abuse. If a lion is being used as savaged meat or taxed for his (female) ivory, wanted by poachers and has no survival chance in that environment then it’s ethical to defend his life.

Human ethics have been created by societies to prevent abuse, exploitation and war; you cannot use morality against any species.

6) ‘Vegans believe all life is equal – but it’s not’– How simply irrational.

7) ‘Policies of many animals rights organisations are based on fake news statistics’.You are talking about that whole animal cruelty industry which makes billions of dollars every year? That argument can be related to the previous one.

8 ) They believe morality is fictitious – But that would be like asking what is truth-telling? If you chose to become a vegetarian or vegan because it’s ‘real’ then great!

You’re entitled to your choice, just as sure; but tell me why have many people chosen this path for such a long time without ‘veganism being real’?

Is it the style of living insisted upon in these societies ?, the healthcare system making vegetables a cheap and nutritious food?

Let’s pretend that (seeing as there is only one species on this planet) if we were created by other organisms, ought to those who chose this lifestyle from their fore bearers be entitled to praise for ‘intelligence’ of thought without consideration of morality or empathy with others?

9 ) They believe an individual out weighs his “emotions” – So animals have feelings but humans don’t ? If a dog is abused, cries or ‘cries out’ that he can’t take anymore it’s ok then? There are good reasons why humans have emotions too…

10 ) They believe animals should be treated ethically – This could explain why some people behave in the same way to their (human) furry pets as they do with other species.

The Strongest Argument for Veganism

The Strongest Argument for Veganism

Many people don’t know that being vegan is promoting the rights and welfare of animals – it’s all about awareness, compassion, concern and protection for living beings via a compassionate lifestyle which promotes their health as best they are able to achieve within their context in life them selves with minimal suffering through minimising:

The use of animal products in our diets. This is something that animal activists oppose because it is damaging their health.

The use of animal products in our daily lives that we have no need for cosmetics, toiletry items etc… which cause needless cruelty to animals .

In summary being vegan isn’t about rejecting or discriminating against anyone but rather changing the environment so not only are people happier and healthier physically, mentally and emotionally – with a smaller carbon footprint too.

What Are Some Compelling Arguments Against Veganism?

There are many compelling arguments against veganism. Here are just a few: veganism is not sustainable – it takes more resources to produce foods that don’t involve animals than it does to produce foods that do; veganism doesn’t take into account the needs of animals, which can lead to cruelty; plant-based diets can be difficult to maintain daily, so people who adopt them should prepare to devote time and energy into sustaining their new way of living; animal agriculture is responsible for an immense amount of environmental damage. Ultimately, the decision to become vegan or not is up to the individual, but the arguments presented here should make a choice a little bit easier.

How To Argue Against Vegetarians

How To Argue Against Vegetarians

Arguments against veganism can be difficult to rebuttal, but with the right approach, they can do it. First, it’s important to understand why people choose to go vegan. Some of the benefits include animal rights, environmentalism, and health concerns.

However, these benefits can only validate through evidence. Therefore, it’s important to dialogue with vegetarians and provide evidence of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle choice. Ultimately, the goal is to have a respectful and civil discussion about the pros and cons of veganism.

How To Win An Argument Against A Vegan

How To Win An Argument Against A Vegan

There are a lot of benefits to veganism, and it’s no wonder that so many people are vegan. However, not all vegans are the same, and some may have strong arguments against veganism. If you’re planning on debating a vegan, the best way to win is to base your argument on facts, not emotion.

This way, you’ll be able to understand their reasoning and have a more civil discussion. Additionally, don’t make assumptions about how someone must feel. Respect their opinion and beliefs, and try to engage them in a logical debate. You will win the argument if you can convincingly show them the benefits of veganism.

Veganism Is About More Than Food

Veganism Is About More Than Food

For some, the decision to go vegan is a life-altering choice. But is veganism the best choice for everyone? Let’s take a closer look at the arguments against veganism and see if there’s anything to them. The first argument against veganism is that it’s simply about food.

Veganism is about reducing or avoiding animal products, but it’s also about a lot more. It’s about environmental consciousness and cruelty-free living. Another argument against veganism is that it’s too hard to stick to. Really? Try a vegan diet for a week and see how you feel! But, ultimately, the choice to go vegan is up to each individual. Whatever choice you make, make sure you’re making the right one for you.


Is veganism the right choice for you? There are a lot of compelling arguments against it, so it’s important to understand them before making a decision. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top 4 reasons why many people believe veganism is not the right choice for them. We’ll also provide tips on how to argue against vegans so that they’ll understand your perspective and change their minds about veganism, so if you’re looking for advice on whether or not veganism is the right choice for you.

It’s a well-known fact that veganism is one of the most animal-friendly lifestyles out there. Many people choose to be vegan for ethical reasons, and many others are doing it because they believe that the animals we eat deserve to live as free and happy beings.

But not everyone agrees with this lifestyle choice, and some people even argue against it. I hope now you know arguments against veganism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. What Are The Arguments Against Veganism?

There is no need to be a hypocrite. I am entitled to my own opinion about whether or not humans should eat animals because as an individual I have preferences, but when we come across someone who does believe something.

That is neither ethical nor scientific ,then it’s important for us all – human and animal lovers alike -to speak out loudly against discrimination of any kind towards any other species.

It’s not sustainable for the Earth as we will destroy it (we already have) if we ever stop eating animals – I’ve said this so many times because unless you’re a vegan and your objective is to prove me wrong, then you’ll agree with it.

Obviously living in an industrialized nation can be more difficult when considering that, however due to advances of technology there are now substitutes available in most local supermarkets .

2. Is There A Health-based Argument ?

Similar to the ones against veganism such as being a hypocrite because certain people chose to eat animals doesn’t mean we can’t defend our lifestyle that has much longer lived benefits in improving health and longevity, which Scientific research is continually proving.

In fact there are plenty of studies from eating DHA omega 3 Fish with an excellent record for life-changing Omega 3 fatty acids if eaten every day (most nutritionists say about 1000–2000g) .

Going into great detail about this will take forever, but the reasoning is that the body needs to be fed energy because we run out of enough from carbohydrates in our diet.

This can only happen if we emulate not-meat eaters who have a balanced plant/animal based meal plan which ensures they are eating sufficient protein and carbs along with appropriate fat intake , so doing this every day should produce amazing results en route towards having healthier bodies.

3. What Are The Modern Arguments Against Veganism?

Veganism may cause intolerance.

I am not saying this is a problem because there are far bigger issues in the world for people to solve, but some individuals do pick an intolerant attitude towards vegans which are just unarguable nonsense;

I’m sure if we could find their parents or someone who taught them about animals it would be easy to deem why they act like this .

Take a moment to research the feedback comments on vegan live discuses, or ask them anything and they’ll probably tell you begrudgingly that they grew up thinking being was against something because their parents taught them that;

In fact very often adult vegans absolutely fly off the handle when confronted with it and lash out.

4. Are There Any Good Arguments Against Veganism?

There is a vein of people who say that eating meat tastes better than plants, health for humans just doesn’t come so easy. This section isn’t about them though because these arguments are dead before they’re even written , but nicely explained reasons why not can be found here .

5. Are There Any Valid Arguments Against Veganism?

There are just so many of them. Firstly yes you could say that eating plants may feel better than meat because it’s a natural thing and when we taste things from our environment then experience pleasurable feelings .

Well, if that was the case human beings wouldn’t exist anymore , as far as I can tell this is just conjecture on their part but they seem to think so anyway; some animals do eat meat or other foods in nature yet most don’t .

There are also those who claim you can feel less restricted eating a plant based diet. This may be true, they do say that as each food requires more thought to go vegan; this doesn’t necessarily have to take away from your day.

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