Who Said Be Enough For Yourself First The world Can Wait

Just like some people, you want to be heard. You want to make a difference. You want to change the world. But how? As many others have discovered, you need to start small and build up your platform bit by bit, so that eventually your voice will be powerful enough to change things for the better. The process of creating and building platforms is easier than it looks.

Many say that “the realization people have of their ineffectiveness is often so great, they don’t even get started. They write off creating platforms as a hopeless cause—something no one will ever pay attention to them or listen to them and take action because the world really isn’t equal, caring enough about our words oe to listen,” said Eileen Fisher designer and CEO of Luma Organics.

Here are 11 recipes for self-love that are simple in practice and multifaceted in their benefits.

Who Said Be Enough For Yourself First The world Can Wait

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You don’t have to compare yourself to someone else. Just be happy with who you are, where life has led you and how far you’ve come in it You need no one else’s approval or validation before being a success  yourself! Be true to your soul and find “who” that person truly is within.

It doesn’t matter what other people think about them , it’s what your soul thinks of you that is important and eventually, when you’re ready to tell the world how great they are, it might come true.

Be accountable Have a daily (at least) check in with yourself or have someone else keep you on track through the day Yes this means email like reminder tools can be beneficial!  Don’t let hours slip by without checking into them and make sure all aspects of life touch base with this.

This will keep you on track and also help others show growth with your accountability framework Too many go through life without a check in or don’t think of the effects their actions can have to those around them.

Be present & focus what matters Now, who comes up big when they are babbling? Most likely, it is someone totally zoned out doing other things. Well thank goodness we’ve got that covered too: Read into this.

Don’t Worry About Others’ Opinions

Don’t Worry About Others’ Opinions

All of the above is great info! But it can become hard when you know someone has their own opinions about what you are doing or maybe they won’t talk to you. You might get down on yourself, think others don’t care and that your life isn’t worth “staying” for.

Also being afraid to talk about things such as money because instilling trust in relationships requires a lot of financial commitment from both sides…hummm Not a good long term match.

However, you gotta put up or shut up and work on the stuff that’s important to YOU! Focus your energy where it matters most (yourself) find what truly makes you happy in life then make decisions around this.

As people we are just wanting to be heard:  We want validation and understanding of our points of view. If no one else understands how great someone is then very likely they

Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

This will definitely seem like a big cliché, but you can’t learn to fly if it is too scary for you thenskip ahead. As the saying goes: Eat an elephant one bite at a time!.

Doing something over & over again without making mistakes isn’t going to give you much success in life. At this point don’t be afraid of what anyone thinks about your actions ,  and just get on with things…Enjoy the adventure!

Don’t worry about other peoples’ opinions of your work – if you do, control it and determine its worth in the grand scheme of things to better yourself still .

As much as we might get discouraged by naysayers, take their opinion with a pinch of salt and that’s all for now.

Remember Your Value Doesn’t Lie In How Your Body Looks

Remember Your Value Doesn’t Lie In How Your Body Looks

It’s always nice to find a person who cares more about your body than you do and that wants fun, pleasurable experiences with you. That is awesome !

If it isn’t the case then there might be something wrong in your relationship or maybe neither of you are honest enough about what both of  your expectations & needs are for someone special etc…don’t sweat the small stuff!

Yes this applies when women aren ‘t hitting on you because she doesn’t have money or a boyfriend yet and really loves being with you.

So if this isn’t the case then just go ahead & do it! You may…”find”; what keeps her coming back to see your “flaws”.  As well as keeping in touch when she realizes afterwards: I like everything about me ; So now If bf wants more he has one less thing holding.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go Of Toxic People

Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go Of Toxic People

People who are toxic can corrode your soul from within. They may be nice people on the outside but they have a negative inside slowly ruining them their inner self and turning them into someone you don’t enjoy being with or communicating with.

Not only that , what if she tried to turn herself over too? No one gets off like we do; not even when there’s an avenue of escape open. Never trust anyone else ‘s feelings as they may be in conflict with your own.

Don’t turn a friend into an enemy; and above all – don’t you seek to have strong friends rather than weak ones.

“Life is for living and not just for “looking at” , it’s always best to enjoy the awesome moments before they are over, as it will most likely never come again… I personally believe that everyone should live till their heart is content.

After all, the most important thing to me is personal growth & self-esteem . When we feel fulfilled whole , that’s when life becomes precious and a joy for us!

Process Your Fears

Process Your Fears

If you’ve been holding on too tight to your previous beliefs, don’t keep repressing them. It will drive you crazy keeping a wall up and it’s time to start tearing that down in order to move forward! Your fear is hurting how do ya think we’re feeling? And with every thing our mind can make up it’s not healthy for us!!

Trust Yourself To Make Good Decisions For Yourself

Trust Yourself To Make Good Decisions For Yourself

I can honestly say that one of my biggest issues is getting on the right path even when I know it’s safe to do so. There are times where you put up walls and gates with emotions, beliefs or life changes… making you feel in danger etc…. this is true for me very much what makes things challenging; but also opportunities!

Therefore trust your intuition about whether something good might come from a situation , because nothing will happen if there ‘s no change; and the changes will only come if you allow them to, so it’s all about allowing yourself.

Take Every Opportunity Life Presents Or Create Your Own Much Love

Take Every Opportunity Life Presents Or Create Your Own Much Love

“No matter how bad things seem, there is always a sunny side. For every problem that life seems to throw at you, someone smarter and stronger will be on the receiving end of your problems.”

“So by all means come alive~ don’t just “let yourself flow”. Stand up enjoy and feel! You deserve it because… “you are capable of anything you put your mind to!” So what are y ou waiting for? Start moving now!! Don’t be the ‘Happy Homesbody’ that’s happy with where she is and who she has become. Make yourself confidently move forward!

Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

“If there was no universe, if pain did not exist, the only thing that would ever and forever exist is you. You are all of life.”

I get what a big deal it seems but when being tired from my day to day struggles; I really crave for solitude inspirational quotes. This doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong or missing out on something so in turn make sure this balance goes well! Just remember that every time we think about ourselves not thinking about ourselves, is what prevents the others we care for; from experiencing happiness.

“So… think first whether you really want or need to do something that imposes difficulties on other people.”

Feel Pain And Joy As Fully As You Can

Feel Pain And Joy As Fully As You Can

I’m not talking emotions here. I mean your body, mind and soul needs to feel what they are feeling! You know when you watch a movie that makes you cry or listen to music which really gives you goose-bumps? That’s because the artist has gone through their stage in life and shared it with us! This is no different. So make sure your always being present as much but don’t ever do anything by halves!!

Exercise Boldness In Public

Can you imagine the world without hip-hop, rock or glamour? That would be pretty sad and quiet huh! No one wants to live in a boring place so we need to push boundaries.

It isn’t that people don’t want you sticking up for your rights it is simply they know there will always be someone better than them on any given day but as long as they keep pushing along with their belief daily diary; surely things will turn out alright in the end.


In conclusion, you are your own person and should be proud of who you are. It is important to remember that we need others in our lives but it is also important to make sure they know how much they mean to us. You cannot have a happy life without other people so don’t worry about them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Does It Mean To Be Enough For Yourself First?

When you can say “I’m enough as I am”, you have found the answer to all of life’s problems. You are fully capable, happy and healthy right now.

So when others come knocking at your door or a situation arises that frustrates you; pity begins to seep through but there is no need – just move forward because without solving our own problem we will surely make someone else become upset with us. Surely it makes more sense not to make others upset when you can resolve your own problems first.

2. Acknowledge How Good Yourself Is : Beginner’s Mind And Motivation

The more appreciation you have of the acceptance that comes from the world, becomes increasingly and spontaneously available to help solve life’s problems as well. I say this not because we’re ‘low’ on confidence: it just means that if a solver appears – then all they must do is shake off their “.

3. Can I Be Self Sufficient And Still Get Work Done Or Is It A Conflict Between My Values And Priorities?

It’s not either or: you can acknowledge your value and live to find fulfillment even when achieving important goals. We must go after what we want but the priority is acceptance of ourselves first, something which starts a process where gifts begin to flow towards us.

4. Is It Time For Me To Handle This Situation Differently?

Absolutely! What are our own norms against doing that? Do what makes YOU feel good about both yourself AND others – because again ” if people knew what they meant, the world would be a happier place”.

So have you decided to love yourself more because true self-love can get us all the way (Thanksgiving) – I shall never know how long this article has been read : )

Be enjoying NOW: Start with Loving Yourself first for half an hour and see how that goes. Remember it’s YOU – not you in relation to others but You as your own unique contribution ; your gifts and no one else can carry them.

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